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An Evening with Olinka Green

  • Place Interfaith Peace Chapel
  • Time 7:00 p.m.

Local organizer and 2013 Dallas Peacemaker of the Year Olinka Green was brutally assaulted by DART Police after attempting to get the badge number of an officer who was harassing her for handing out flyers. Initially charged with felony assault of an officer, Green stood her ground and those charges were dropped. Come hear an eyewitness account of police brutality in Dallas from a survivor.

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H4PJ Mixer

  • Place Interfaith Peace Chapel
  • Time 5:00 p.m.

Supporters, benefactors, and friends of Hope for Peace & Justice are encouraged to join us in celebrating our partnerships–including some new ones–who help carry out our message and works of peace and justice. Also, drop by to say goodbye (for now) to outgoing executive director Todd Whitley and welcome minister of social justice Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood who will become the interim executive director, as well as meeting the entire board of directors and staff. We will also have a time of acknowledging our partner organizations.

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Monthly Board Meeting

  • Place Interfaith Peace Chapel
  • Time 9:30 a.m.

The H4PJ board meetings are on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 9:30am.


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Every dollar given to support H4PJ goes toward programming and dedicated staff to see our programs endure and succeed.


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Our goal are motivated by Micah 6:8—and to motivate peoples of faith to get involved in works of social justice and bring about peace through justice.


H4PJ is a 501(c) (3) registered with the IRS. Your donations are fully tax-deductible.

Meet the team

Todd Whitley

Executive Director

Michael Magnia

Board Chair

Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood

Minister of Social Justice

Angie Wilson

Vice Chair

Frequently asked questions


Is your organization predominantly focused on LGBT issues?

While our origin is out of an LGBT-affirming faith community, our scope of peace and social justice is much broader than “gay.” We believe racism is an LGBT issue. As is classism, sexism, and any other social justice issue. We believe that in the pursuit of peace in our society, we must unite on all matters of injustice or marginalization. We remain LGBT-affirming but welcome all to our cause.


Is your organization primarily Christian?

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What activities are on the horizon?

We sponsor many activities and participate in many others. Check out our Events page for the very latest and a look ahead.


Do I need to be a member to participate in H4PJ activities?

The only prerequisite to participate in H4PJ activities is a heart molded (or being molded) by Micah 6:8.


Can my organization or church become an H4PJ partner?

H4PJ is always looking for organizations to partner with on issues related to the pursuit of peace and justice—particularly those rooted in an expression of faith. Contact Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood to discuss partnering with us.


Do I need any special skill to be involved with H4PJ?

Being an activist can be expressed in many ways. While some find themselves on the front lines, megaphone and protest sign in hand, others have the gift of organizing, writing, raising and managing money, social media, or marketing. Others bring creativity and passion for direct action. Some offer the gift of prayer. All such gifts—and many others—are welcome at H4PJ.

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    +1 (214) / 351 - 1432

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    Monday - Thursday / 9AM- 4PM

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